Apple publishes charging details for its 35W dual USB-C port charger

PHOTO: Apple

Apple published a support document detailing how to use its 35W dual USB-C port charger.

As with other dual USB-C port chargers, power is automatically distributed between the two connected devices depending on their power requirements. Apple gave a few charging scenarios below: 

  • Mac notebook + iPhone or iPad: Each device will receive up to 17.5W.
  • iPhone + iPad: Each device will receive up to 17.5W.
  • Mac notebook + iPhone or Apple Watch or AirPods: Mac notebook or iPhone will receive up to 27.5W while the Apple Watch or AirPods will receive up to 7.5W.

The 35W dual USB-C charger was unveiled at WWDC 2022 earlier this month. It is now available for purchase on Apple Online Store with shipping from June 22.

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This article was first published in HardwareZone.