Apple Video Gallery showcases Singaporean's video

Couple of months ago, Apple featured best photos taken by the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

On June 1, Apple added a video section. It's a small section with only seven videos but one of them is from 26-year-old Singapore engineer Jin Chong.

He was on a recent holiday in Myanmar when his eyes caught a beautiful scene - fishermen fishing on a lake. This scene was set against a blue sky.

He whipped out his iPhone 6 and captured that serene moment. You can see the less than 10-second-video clip here.

Said Mr Chong: "I was on a boat ride on Inle lake after a long day of cycling around the area. I saw this beautiful scene, fishermen fishing from their boats on the lake and clear blue skies above. So I took out my iPhone and captured a video of it."

Inle Lake is a freshwater lake in the Shan Hills.

Apple had seen the longer clip liked it and selected it for the gallery. Mr Chong is keeping the long version private while his clip is being shown on Apple video gallery.

Mr Chong is an engineer with a keen interest in video-making but he does not own any video equipment.

"The great thing about carrying the iPhone as my primary shooting device when I'm travelling is that it is simple to use yet so powerful. Since the camera comes with auto-exposure and auto-focus, I often get the proper balance and sharpness needed for the video clips," he added.

The other 6 clips on Apple Video Gallery can be seen here.

All captured using the iPhone 6, they show various scenes of a dog, a lady bug, a sea gull and children playing cricket on a beach.

Grace Chng is senior correspondent for The Straits Times.