Bump up your glam factor with these stick-on LED lashes

The phrase 'making eyes' at someone has suddenly taken on a whole new dimension.

These unique new lashes will bedazzle all who look into your eyes, literally.

The f.lashes in action.Photo: F.lashes

For those looking for some extra pizzazz on nights out, you can get your hands on these psychedelic LED lashes through Kickstarter. The project was created by Tien Pham and Davey Taylor of Davey designs, according to the crowd-funding website.

Photo: F.lashes

The lashes are powered by a controller which contains a small cell battery, and the controller is pasted at the back of your head - so it's less conspicuous if you're someone with long hair.

The lashes can also respond to your movements. For example, doing certain actions such as shaking your head or jumping will trigger different light effects.

An example of a light effect.Photo: F.lashes

They promise that the application of these lashes will take less than a minute.

Videos of these lashes have gone viral, which perhaps help to explain their incredible performance on Kickstarter.

These are LED eyelashes

Posted by Beauty Insider on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

As of writing, f.lashes have surpassed their initial US$40,000 (S$55,600) goal with total funding of US$41,793 reached.

While there are concerns that the constant light from the lashes might interfere with your eyesight, f.lashes promises that will not be an issue because of how the lights emitted point outwards instead of inwards.

To be honest, these lashes look too impractical to be used in any other situation other than going to the club or a rave party. But what do I know, I have never worn fake lashes before.

Now why am I writing about this again?