Cambridge Audio Minx Go

Not many may be familiar with Cambridge Audio, which is an established name in the United Kingdom. Having made its reputation in home audio for its amplifiers and CD players, it has moved on to portables and produced a superb, mid-priced speaker with superior audio quality.

Roughly the size of a hardcover novel, the Minx Go forward-facing speaker has a slightly curved front and looks like a shrunken and slightly warped Sony SRS-X7.

At the top sits the Volume and Power buttons, with USB and audio ports at the back.

Good bass and solid projection from this relatively small speaker can fill a bedroom or meeting room. Even at its highest volume, audio levels do not mix and bleed out, providing a clear distinction between instruments and vocals.

The rear bass radiator, together with dual front tweeters and twin woofers, offer an impressive sound stage, considering its size. It could do with more bass though, especially when used outdoors.

The use of a rear bass radiator also balances out the projected audio. On most speakers, a front-facing design provides an unbalanced delivery, with a greater emphasis of sound heard when you are directly in front of the speakers.

Here, even if you are standing behind the Minx Go, the rear bass resonates with the front-facing speakers, creating an all-around audio projection that is more lively.

Performance- and price-wise, it matches the audio punch of the Creative Roar. While it falls short of the over abundance of features (some of which might be superfluous) of the Roar, the Minx Go matches its audio strength and reach. You just have to decide if the sharper bass here, or the tighter vocals of the Roar, is right for you.

With a good mix of portability, audio strength and price, the Minx Go is a strong contender for your outdoor wireless audio selection. 


Price: $288

Additional features: USB charging, audio in


Features: 3/5

Performance: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

This article was first published on July 16, 2014.
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