China Telecom announced Apple iPhone 6 on Weibo, reveals alleged promo poster

We may exercise caution and doubt leaks on the Apple iPhone 6 by anonymous sources who claim to have insider knowledge. However, if the leak came from one of many Apple's telco partners, it seems more plausible.

China Telecom, one of Apple's largest telco partners, apparently pre-announced the iPhone 6 on its official Weibo account on Sunday (Aug 24). Before the telco removed the post, Sina News managed to grab a screenshot of it.

The iPhone 6 will be sold unlocked at China Telecom, which is a first for the Chinese telco. It is also stated to support two types of 4G LTE networks, WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, and CDMA1X.

More importantly, China Telcom may have provided a first look at the official promotional poster; the iPhone 6 shown in the poster comes in three colors: silver, black and gold.

This isn't the first time a Chinese telco has leaked information on the iPhone 6. Late last month, a promotional flyer for the iPhone 6 surfaced in China showing the iPhone 6 in two different screen sizes: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

Apple is expected to hold a media event for the iPhone 6 on September 9 and retail availability is scheduled a week and a half after the announcement.

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