A collection of the grimmest-sounding places on Earth

Where do lonely people go?

How about All Alone, Cheltenham, in Britain? Lonesome Lake in Colorado, United States (US)? Maybe at Lonely Island in Nipissing, Canada?

No? What about Lonely Street and Lonesome Road in Cedar Grove, US?

These are all places that you can "visit" on Instagram @sadtopographies.

Using the tagline "Somewhere to go, when you're feeling low", the account holder has collected map screenshots of over 100 real places with sad, grim or even morbid names. The account currently has more than 59,000 followers.

Fancy a visit to Ugly in India's West Bengal? Check. Grumpy Lane in Lake Echo, Canada? Check (while there, we advise that you pop into Happy Drive, which is perpendicular to it).

The snaps, taken from Google Map, also include places with names that can send a shiver down your spine - like Suicide Bridge in Hurlock, US, and Massacre Island in Canada.

We wonder if we can find Heartbreak Hotel in Broken Heart Lane, La Verdia, Texas.