A 'deep like' is the worst thing that can happen when you're lurking on Instagram

I was 92 weeks deep in a stranger's Instagram account when something truly terrible happened - my finger accidentally double-tapped the screen, resulting in the dreaded "deep like."

Cue: panic, profound regret, and infinite embarrassment.

A deep like is the moment you accidentally "like" a really old photo when lurking on someone's Instagram profile. Many of us are guilty of deep liking, and others live in fear of the dreaded moment our finger slips and hits the heart button by mistake.

I'd been seeing a guy for a few months when things began to turn sour. I wasn't sure if I was being ghosted or if he was seeing someone else.

Naturally, I conducted an investigation. And a highly dangerous one at that.

First I trawled the photos Matt was tagged in. My heart began to race as I saw a new photo - posted by his housemate - in which he was standing behind a very pretty woman. Who is she? Why is he standing beside her?

I instantly clicked on the account and began trawling this stranger's feed for clues. And that's when it happened.

Ninety-two weeks in, I liked a photo of this random bloke's grandparents eating a roast dinner. And, I saw my life - and soon-to-be-over relationship - flash before my eyes.

I'm not alone in this deeply real struggle.

Student Maria Bendo says her "deep like experience" happened when she was perusing the Instagram account of an old high school peer who she'd never spoken to before.

"I was going through old photos to see what they had been up to, found out they had a baby and I accidentally liked a picture of their baby that was almost a year old," says Bendo.

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