Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game hits 70 million downloads worldwide

What started out as stackable soft toys in the Disney Stores Japan is now is on its way to becoming a global phenomenon with cumulative game and merchandise sales reaching a combined US$2 billion (S$2.8 billion).

Its expanded franchise experience now spans every Disney consumer touch point including fashion, lifestyle and consumer electronics attracting a wide consumer base from boys and girls, as well as young adults.

Photo: The Walt Disney Company

A puzzle game based on the soft toys launched in both the iOS and Android platform in Japan in 2014 followed by an English version in 154 countries and regions around the world on July 1, 2014.

Photo: The Walt Disney Company

Today, the game had reached 70 million downloads worldwide and has accumulated sales of US$1 billion globally.

It is most popular in Japan followed by the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. 

This success could be attributed to the simple and enjoyable gameplay concept of connecting three or more “Tsums” to gain points, as well as the game’s use of charming and adorable Disney characters.

Photo: The Walt Disney Company

According to LINE, its Japanese developer, the game has been played over 165.4 billion times worldwide since its debut, with nearly 61.8 trillion Tsums cleared in the course of the gameplay. 

Photo: The Walt Disney Company

"Tsum Tsum connects with fans across multiple platforms and experiences and is proving to be a successful channel to introduce new intellectual property,” said Mr Paul Candland, president of Walt Disney Asia. 

Photo: The Straits Times

 “We couldn't be more proud of Tsum Tsum’s Japanese-origins and its international appeal,” he added.