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DL Awards 2015 Nominees: Best Games

Best Made-in-Singapore Games

Ghost Recon Phantoms (Ubisoft Singapore)

This PC shooter for the thinking man is the first fully developed game to come out of the French gaming giant's 300-strong Singapore studio.

A free-to-play multiplayer team game, it requires teamwork, tactical nous, and attacking with a diverse team comprising assault, recon and specialist classes to succeed. Expect plenty of futuristic technologies, including EMP blackouts, cloaking and anti-ballistic shields.

One Upon Light (SUTD Game Lab)

This PlayStation puzzle game, with its hand-drawn black-and-white art and soulful music, may look like just another hipster game, but it packs both substance and style.

You wake up in a crumbling lab and have to find a way out. As stepping into the lighted areas will kill you, you have to move in the darkened areas. This well-designed game will force you to think and to keep trying different ways to get out of tight spots.

Super Awesome Quest (Boomzap Fight Club)

You control three heroes - paladin, valkyrie and mage - as you battle undeads, kobolds and other nasties in this mobile game.

While it treads on familiar ground, this game shines with its easy gameplay.

The battlefield consists of a 5 x 5 grid. Each square is an ability that you can use, by touching them one at a time.

Abilities include weapon attacks, powerful spells and healing buffs.


Autumn Dynasty Warlords (Touch Dimensions)

The mobile game feels a lot like the classic PC strategy game Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. But instead of using a mouse and keyboard, you move your units around by drawing out their paths with your finger.

This overcomes the typical limitation of strategy games on the touchscreen, which is that complex controls over units are hard to execute. Play as one of the nine warlords, each with his or her unique strengths and units.

Big Hero 6 - Bot Fight (Gumi Asia)

Control characters from Disney's latest animated feature Big Hero 6 as you swipe your way through hundreds of match-three levels.

Bot Fight puts you in command of bots categorised into five colours. Line up three to five cells of the same colour to activate an attack by bots of that colour.

There are also special attacks that can be unleashed by Hiro and the other stars of Big Hero 6.


Mighty Monsters: Rise Of The Minions (Mosscube)

This mobile adaptation of the Stratego board game lets you control 12 cutesy minions, each of which carries either a rock, a roll of paper or a pair of scissors. The aim is to discover and kill the enemy's general, by pitting your minions against your opponent's minions in games of rock, paper and scissors.

You need guile to win as bluffing forms a key strategy. As the game progresses, you will unlock special attacks, such as bombs, to wipe out nearby enemy minions.

Devil's Dare (Secret Base)

Inspired by side-scrolling classics, such as Final Fight and Golden Axe, this beat-em-up PC game transports a player back to the late 1980s and 1990s, when video-game arcades ruled the roost.

You play as one of four heroes trapped in a game convention as zombies attack. Each has his own unique combat style, as well as special moves ripped from games of that era. For example, the speedy and dagger-wielding Jackson is inspired by Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while Kingston wields a golden axe, just like the hero in the Golden Axe arcade game.

Hide and Seek - Jewels Of The Seven Seas (Lewenhart Studios)

Like other hidden-object games, you are presented with a setting filled with objects and must find all the specified items before time runs out.

Each completed level brings upon tougher levels and more objects to find. Challenges such as rain, which obscures the player's vision, are thrown in.

Where this mobile game is unique is in its player versus player mode. In this mode, players create their own hidden-object puzzles for their opponents to solve.


Romans In My Carpet! (Witching Hour Studios)

This turn-based strategy game feels like the mobile developer's previous Ravenmark games, except that Romans feels more streamlined and light-hearted with its cute 16-bit pixel-art style. There is much wacky humour to savour in this single-player game.

You control mite-sized Roman soldiers called "Romites" and battle bug-sized barbarians called "Breetles". All of this takes place in your bedroom.

Konbini Story (Gamenami)

This cutesy match-three game puts you in the shoes of a Japanese "konbini" convenience store owner. You have to match onigiri (rice cake), cup ramen and other food items.

Clearing items lets you earn coins, which you can use to upgrade your food items and buy spiffier uniforms for your cashier. Upgraded food items drop more coins when you clear them, while uniforms offer perks, such as giving you more moves at every level.

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