Do you have a 'girlfriend lens' in your camera bag?

Do you have a 'girlfriend lens' in your camera bag?

SINGAPORE - Photographers and photography enthusiasts know that to make the subject of a portrait "stand out", they can use a fast - with a large aperture - telephoto lens to put the background out of focus.

Many even call these "portrait lenses".

But it seems that Olympus now has a more appropriate name for such a lens - the Girlfriend Lens.

Facebook user "CK Ng" came across the brochure online and pointed out the new term that Olympus coined.

In its brochure for Comex 2015, Olympus dubs its 45mm f1.8 lens for the OM-D series of cameras the Girlfriend Lens, telling show-goers that they can "take stunning portraits with blurry background" while showing a picture of a pretty model (with a "blurry background", of course).

This is obviously targeted at young men attending the IT show, because users can definitely use this lens to "take stunning portraits with blurry background" of their wives, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, mothers, grandparents... (you get the idea).

Given that it's election seasons in Singapore right now, we'd even say that this is a good "candidate lens", wouldn't you agree?

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