Don says people shouldn't believe everything they read online

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia faces an uncertain future if the people, including youngsters remain gullible to propaganda orchestrated by hidden forces to control global economy and political power.

Umno Education Bureau chairman senator Tan Sri Prof Dr Ibrahim Shah Abu Shah said people should not believe everything they read online, as the social media could be abused as a tool to force the collapse of governments as in the Middle East.

"Be smart. People are free to read, but they should not be driven by emotion and draw conclusions without double-checking facts," he said after opening the National Undergraduate Leadership forum held in conjunction with the coming Umno general assembly yesterday.

He said conflicts were orchestrated for control of global oil, politics and economy."Even a super power nation like America is under the control of certain hidden forces.

"It is amazing how a small group have power over a global super power," said Prof Ibrahim.

"Who are they to decide who should die and who should live. Who are they to decide who should rule and who should be toppled," he said on bullying tactics used by global superpowers.

He said thinkers could play a pivotal role in shaping the mindset of the society to help set the future.

"Thinkers are the creative minorities who can think rationally, and help shape and transform the nation.

"We need thinkers, not troublemakers," he said, adding that wise and non-emotionally driven thinkers could help lay survival plans for the future generations.

He also warned that the fall of Barisan Nasional would lead to the collapse of the nation.

Barisan he said, had a proven track record in maintaining stability and unity, whereas Pakatan Rakyat component parties continue to be at loggerheads over their philosophical differences.

He said if the current state of a gullible mindset was left unchecked, Barisan might lose in the next general election.