Enter the HomePod - and some other bad designs Apple has come up with over the years

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced HomePod on stage during WWDC 2017.

During their annual developer's conference two days ago, Apple announced an entirely new product lineup: a smart wireless speaker with the voice assistant Siri built in. 

Just look at this beautiful, sexy piece of cylinder.Photo: Apple

And it's called HomePod.

Wait, what?

Not the best name that you could have come up with, Apple. Remember when you named your line of smartwatches Apple Watch instead of iWatch?

Despite my personal opinions on the HomePod's design, various people have poked fun at its design.


Okay, maybe it does look a little bit like a roll of toilet paper.

Can't argue with that.

Didn't know their hats cost so much.

Okay, maybe Apple names anything related to audio with something-pod. Remember iPod? Or AirPods?

Speaking of AirPods, how can I not mention their gorgeous designs as well.

Perfection.Photo: Apple

In other news, people try to make their AirPods theft-proof by disguising them as dental floss. 

This trick only works when the case to charge the Pods looks like a dental floss case. Wait, they DO look like dental floss cases.

But Apple is known to be the industry leader for design right? Surely the above two cases are one-off accidents.

Apple smart battery case for the iPhone 7Photo: Apple

Oh lawd, what is that horrendous bump on its back?

You can't be serious.

Apple stop. Okay, maybe they do not have the best designs on the planet. But at least they do not look like this Pikachu USB charger from China.


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