Is the Estar Takee 1 the world's first holographic smartphone?

Forget Amazon's Fire Phone 3D display, Chinese firm Estar, has just unveiled the world's first holographic smartphone.

Looking like one of the holographic devices from Star Wars, the Estar Takee 1 claims to generate holographic images with its four front-facing cameras that tracks users' eye movements, which sounds very similar to the technology used by Amazon in its Fire Phone. Unlike the Fire Phone, which creates a 3D effect on the screen, the promo video for the Estar Takee 1 shows the holographic images projected off the screen itself:

The video gives the impression that everyone can see the holographic images projected off the screen, but if the cameras are only tracking the user's eyes, that seems unlikely. Whether or not the user will see the images exactly like they are in the video, hovering above the display remains to be seen.

According to the video, the cameras can also recognise hand gestures, allowing the user to swipe in the air to unlock the phone and navigate home screens.

Specs-wise, the phone is armed with a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, a 13-megapixel camera, 32GB of memory and a 2GHz octa-core MediaTek processor with 2GB of RAM. It will be available in black, white, and apparently one model will be wrapped in 18k gold.

Source: Digital Trends

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