Facebook's new tool lets users delete data from their accounts


Have a few posts on Facebook that you wish never made their way there? Well, now you can find, download and delete the data you no longer want on Facebook.

The company has introduced a new tool called Access Your Information – what it deems "a secure way for people to access and manage their information, such as posts, reactions, comments, and things you've searched for." Users can go here to delete anything from their timeline or profile that they don't want on Facebook anymore.

Facebook is also making it easier to download the data users have shared on the platform, and even move it to another service. This includes the photos users have uploaded, the contacts they have added to their account, the posts on their timeline and more.

Acknowledging that its users have asked that "information about privacy, security, and ads should be much easier to find", Facebook has added a new Privacy Shortcuts menu where users can control their data with just a few taps. It claims that the experience is now now clearer, more visual, and easy-to-find.

Facebook also reworked the entire settings menu on mobile devices from top to bottom to make things easier to find. Now, instead of having settings spread across nearly 20 different screens, they're now accessible from a single place.

"We've also cleaned up outdated settings so it's clear what information can and can't be shared with apps," Facebook said in the announcement.