First look at Toys 'R' Us exclusive Lego Bricktober 2021 fairy tale sets

Monday, Sep 20, 2021

As much as we love licensed Lego sets, there is a charm when it comes to bespoke themed sets. In 2021, Lego and Toys 'R' Us Singapore is rolling out a fairy-tale themed set of Lego mini builds. Last year’s Bricktober saw the release of a Funfair theme (set of four) comprising of a ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel and swing ride.



For Bricktober 2021, each fairy tale set will be available for redemption exclusively at Toys 'R' Us stores in Singapore during specific dates from Sept 24 till Oct 24, with a minimum spend of $69 on Lego products, while stocks last:

Lego 2021 Bricktober “Hansel And Gretel” – from Sept 24 to Oct 7.

Lego 2021 Bricktober “Jack And The Beanstalk” – from Oct 8 to 15.

Lego 2021 Bricktober “Little Red Riding Hood” – from Oct 16 to 24.

There is supposed to be a fourth Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland set on offer but it is absent from the release in Singapore. Perhaps it might be added at a later point from Oct 25 onwards!

As for now, let’s take a closer look at each set and their respective fun features.

Hansel and Gretel

This beautifully designed candy house features a roof that can be opened to reveal the witch inside, and of course, Hanse and Gretel standing outside. This set features a variety of delicious food tiles as well as a unique chocolate bar door.



Jack and The Beanstalk

This set features Jack’s town, a beanstalk that extends up to the giant’s magical cloud castle, which can be rotated to reveal the golden egg-laying hen on the back. Down below, there’s Jack and an oversized axe for chopping down the beanstalk. This set features several uncommon gold tiles as well as a gold ring.



Little Red Riding Hood

This set has a turntable mechanic showcasing the front of the Red Riding Hood’s grandma’s house as well as a micro-build of the big bad wolf in the grandma’s bed. This set features a rubber food basket and rainbow printed tiles for the blanket.



The cool thing about all these sets is that they come with their own set of instructions and an accompanying accordion-style storybook, packed in a matching themed envelope.

Featuring Lego minifig characters no less! What’s unfortunate is that the sets come packed in sealed bags this time, as opposed to the beautiful box designs that came with last year’s set.



Make sure to grab these sets from Sept 24, 2021 onwards before they disappear!

This article was first published in Geek Culture.