GE2020: How to check where your polling station is and the time slot you're supposed to vote

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With Nomination Day hullaballoo done and dusted this afternoon (June 30), Singaporeans should already know exactly which political parties and which candidates are contesting in their area

It’s going to get pretty wild — expect campaigning and politicking from all sides with 10 days left to Polling Day (July 10). Before you set your mind on who deserves your vote, hopefully you know by now where your polling station is. It should be on your personal Poll Card, which has been mailed to you. 

Given that we’re voting during the Covid-19 pandemic, extra health precautions are being taken this time around. Voters will be allotted recommended two-hour time slots for them to cast their ballot. 

It’s important to know when exactly your time slot is too, as those who head over to their polling station at a non-recommended time slot may end up having to wait longer. And you definitely don’t want to waste your precious public holiday waiting in line. 

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Here’s how to double-confirm your polling station and recommended time slot.

  • Head over to the Elections Department’s Polling Station Enquiry site
  • Enter your NRIC (not case-sensitive), tick that “I’m not a Robot” reCaptcha field, hit the Go button.
  • The site may be overloaded with queries, so give it some time to process.
  • Get all the details you need, including the address of the assigned polling station and the allotted time-band.
PHOTO: Website screengrab
  • To ensure that you won’t have to stand in line for long, check the queue situation at your assigned polling station on the VoteQ Go Where website on Polling Day before you head out.
PHOTO: Website screengrab

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