Get your hands on (currently sold-out) McDonald’s pyjamas for up to $120 on Carousell

PHOTO: McDonald's Singapore; Carousell screengrab

Ah, Carousell — always the bastion for Singaporeans looking to make a quick buck. 

Aside from slinging calories, empty carbs and sugar, McDonald’s Singapore recently dived into the world of fashion.

Chic sleepwear to be exact — the fast-food chain’s McDelivery Night In service launched yesterday (Oct 7) and delivered exclusive loungewear sets to go along with purchases of Chicken McNuggets and McWings. 

The limited-edition home wear merchandise is supposedly the brand’s way to give customers joyful moments together with their McDonald’s favourites in the comfort of their own home.

It’s a fun gimmick I guess, and wearing pyjamas adorned with fries and big macs seem to be one cosy way of professing your love for late-night junk food. Even the sleeping mask that comes in the McDelivery Night In Bundle says “dreaming of fries”. 

PHOTO: McDonald's Singapore

But if you want to get your hands on the limited-edition lounge sets without the mass-produced foodstuffs, there’s always Carousell and its legion of profit-pursuing users.

Already, folks are selling the pyjama sets at prices of up to $120. Or rather, the price of 48 hamburgers. 

PHOTO: Carousell screengrab
PHOTO: Carousell screengrab

Unwilling to part with that much cash? No worries, there’re cheaper listings that go for up to $60 — more than double the actual price of a McDelivery Night In Bundle ($24.90). 

PHOTO: Carousell screengrab
PHOTO: Carousell screengrab

It’s pretty clear that the Carousell vendors are trying to capitalise on the fact that the merchandise is no longer available. The demand for McDonald’s-branded pyjamas appears to be big enough to bring down the McDelivery web and app platforms last night. 

Dear customers, we are currently still experiencing high volumes of traffic on our McDelivery app and website. We...

Posted by McDonald's on Monday, October 7, 2019

If paying through the nose for loungewear ain’t your thing, the company promises that there’ll be a dedicated site where customers can pre-order ‘em. Capitalism at work? I'm lovin' it. 

We deeply appreciate the patience and support from our customers. Our McDelivery web and app platforms are now back up...

Posted by McDonald's on Monday, October 7, 2019

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