Google Maps adds 'wheelchair accessible' option in routes

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Google Maps has added a "wheelchair accessible" option in its routes to aid those in wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

This feature lets users know where ramps and elevators are available in public places, the tech giant announced in a blog post yesterday.

Users can access this feature by first pinning their destination. Tap "Directions," which makes the public transportation icon appear. Click "Options" and under the Routes section, the option "wheelchair accessible" can be found.

It will first roll out in major cities such as London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney starting today. Google announced that it will look forward to work with other transit agencies to bring more wheelchair-accessible routes.

Aside from this, Google has been using feedback from users via the "Local Guides" programme. This is where users answered accessibility questions, which helped bring additional information on more than 12 million places.

Previously, Google Maps featured the iconic video game character Mario where he navigated users' routes.

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