Google offers unlimited high-res picture and video storage with new Photos app

Google launched a new standalone Photos app today at Google I/O 2015. It aims to improve how you store and organise your huge photo collection. Best of all, it comes with unlimited storage for all your high-res photos and videos. Yes, unlimited.

To be entirely clear, resolution is limited to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p for videos, but when it's free, who's complaining, right?

Along with storing your photos, Google Photos' other big feature is organisation. Photos will analyse your images and automatically sort them into groups.

Director of Google Photos, Anil Sabharwal, demonstrated how the app could distinguish and sort photos of specific scenes, like city skylines or beaches, and it's also pretty good at identifying people, so that you can scroll through images of them over time. It will even track them as they age, so photos of your child will appear all the way back to when they were just born, even if they look nothing like they did when they were a baby, now.

Sabharwal also demonstrated how you could search for specific moments in photos. For example, looking up "snowstorm in Toronto" will show images of snowy days in that location.

Google is also trying to make sharing photos a bit easier. The app will allow users to share groups of images without requiring the recipient to have the app - it will make a web gallery that they can view.

Google Photos will be available for download on iOS, Android and the web later today.

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