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Hearthstone's new Murder at Castle Nathria expansion begins sleuthing on Aug 3

Hearthstone's new Murder at Castle Nathria expansion begins sleuthing on Aug 3
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Social gatherings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable occasions. But if you happen to be Sire Denathrius, the former leader of Revendreth and lord of Castle Nathria, you might beg to differ. After all, it's not every day one winds up dead at their own dinner party.

Well, in Hearthstone's new Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, that's exactly what happens to the host, though he technically asked for it when he invited all his enemies over.

Scheduled for release about a month from now on Aug 3, the expansion will introduce 135 new cards to Activision Blizzard's popular card battler, on top of the new Locations card type and the Infuse keyword.

Much like the "multi-turn" spells introduced in Fractured in Alterac Valley, Location cards provide advantageous buffs and extra synergies for your deck.

However, instead of being played onto your Hero portrait like a Secret, they're played onto the board directly with a Durability count, taking up one of the usual seven slots. Additionally, players can use their effects only once every two turns, and like Weapon cards, they're automatically removed when the counter hits zero. 

As for Infuse, it's like a death-based variation of the existing Corrupt keyword. Instead of checking for cards with a higher cost, Infuse cards transform into their alternate versions after a set number of friendly minions die while they're in your hand.

So, for example, the Priest of the Deceased card below features Infuse (3), meaning it will get the +2/+2 buff after three of your minions have been killed by any means. 

Last but not least, like any Hearthstone set or mini-set, we're also excited to check out what the new Legendaries bring to the table. Building on the whole Cluedo-style murder mystery theme, the set introduces ten different Legendary Suspects - one for each class. 

Needless to say, there will also be several other generic Legendaries like Murloc Holmes and Prince Renathal to accompany them, and the best part is that you won't even have to craft the latter. 

It's distributed to all players upon login, and you certainly should do so, as pre-order bundles are now available via the app as well as the in-game Shop. 

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