How many times do you check your phone each day? This survey has the answer

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Text messages. Emails. Missed calls. Facebook notifications. Candy Crush notifications. News push alerts...and the list goes on. Has it ever crossed your mind how many times you look at your mobile phone each day?

According to a recent survey, you probably check your phone about 40 times a day. What this means is that people all over the world are checking their phones more than 80 billion times a day.

The Global Mobile Consumers Trend report by Deloitte's Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Practice surveyed 49,500 respondents from 31 countries, representing nearly 70 of the world's total population.

The survey identified increasing intensity in usage and ownership rates, and changes in consumer behaviour, as well as a shift towards non-voice communications such as text and instant messaging.

In developed countries, text and instant messaging are the first things many people check and do in the morning. About 78 per cent of people living in developed countries would check their smartphone within an hour of waking up, and almost all mobile users surveyed tend to check their phones within three hours of waking up.

More people are using smartphones and tablets, with wearables showing the fastest growth with about 10 per cent global penetration, nearly doubling ownership rates of last year.Read also:90% of S'poreans use mobile phones in toilet, only 10% clean them

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Mobile paymentWhile still a relatively new application, mobile payment usage is also gaining favour globally, the survey shows.

According to the results, 20 per cent of consumers in mature markets reportedly made mobile payments. In emerging markets, nearly half of consumers, or 47 per cent, relied on their phone to make in-store payments, while 65 per cent indicated interest to use the technology.

Surprisingly, China, a predominantly cash market, has seen a swift pick-up rate over the past year, with a 66 per cent increase in usage for in-store purchases.

However, 40 per cent of consumers globally still feel uneasy about mobile

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