Instagram page showcases Malaysia's 'rich kids'

The creator of an Instagram account about the wealthy lifestyles of Malaysia's "rich kids" hopes to encourage others to be successful.

Describing itself as a "leisure page for fun people", @therichkidsofmalaysia has gained over 18,000 followers after just two weeks of its going "live", reported Malay Mail.

The account aggregates photos of people "nominated" by others for their wealthy lifestyles. On display are pictures of expensive holidays at exotic locations, luxury cars and watches.

The moderator, who is not identified, claimed the account's sole purpose is to encourage people to aspire to be as successful as those whose pictures they are looking at.

"I got the idea (to set up the page) after the ringgit went down. I want to show that actually there are many Malaysians living the good life... yes, some of them are just show-offs, but the fact is all of them are far from poor," the moderator said in an e-mail to Malay Mail.

However, some of those featured complained that it was a violation of their privacy and demanded that their photos be removed.

The moderator admitted that permission is not sought before a photo is posted, but insisted that photos were taken from public profiles that are "nominated" by others and are promptly removed upon request of the owners.

Others have however responded positively to queries by complete strangers about their so-called wealth, attributing their good fortune to factors such as hard work.

A quick search on Instagram shows there are other similarly "encouraging" accounts all over the world. They include @richkidsofdubai, @therichkidsoftehran, @richkidsoninsta and @richkidsofdenmark.

This article was first published on Feb 09, 2015.
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