As iPod turns 15, sadly reminds us that MP3 players are obsolete

As tech communities and publications celebrated its 15th birthday yesterday, it is actually something that is all but forgotten by those who created it, namely Apple.

Still, you cannot deny that the iPod has been a mainstay for an entire generation of millennials, enabling them to listen to their favourite tracks wherever, and whenever.

While I am sure that some parts of the iPod still lives on today in the iPhone, Apple keeping quiet on something which they used to celebrate so much on signals a change to today's consumers.

Perhaps, when Apple first introduced the iTunes Store in 2003, it has set into motion an unprecedented movement into digital music.

In Singapore at least, the effects have been profound.

Once proud music retailers such as HMV and Tower Records used to occupy entire buildings or floors in Orchard Road and malls around Singapore. Now none are left, with Tower Records pulling out in 2006, and HMV closing the curtain on its last outlet in Marina Square in September last year.

They, along with other music stores, were put out of business as consumers favoured digital downloads that they can purchase at any time, without the bulk of a physical medium.

Fast forward today, we have the likes of Spotify basically our go-to application for music listening. For free (or a small ad-free subscription) we are able to enjoy music that is streamed wherever we may be.

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