This isn't the iPhone 8 - but it's probably really, really close

It's getting harder and harder to think of opening sentences for all these iPhone 8 rumours, so I'll just get on with it: There's a new iPhone 8 video, crystal clear, showing the device from all sides.

There's one caveat: It's not really the iPhone 8. It's a device manufactured via CNC process, based on 3D CAD plans which allegedly come "directly from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone."

The video, courtesy of @onleaks and Tigermobiles, gives us a detailed look of a device that matches all the latest iPhone 8 rumours.

It has a vertically placed dual rear camera, no visible fingerprint sensor, a screen that covers the entire front side of the phone (save the dip on top to accommodate the sensors and the selfie camera), and a steel frame painted black to match the slightly curved black glass on both sides.

Toward the end of the video, the device is precisely measured from all sides: It's 14.35mm long, 7.5mm thick and 71.03mm wide.

One slightly worrying fact: That camera bump on the back is not small by any means; it adds 1.63mm to the phone's thickness for a total of 9.13mm.

Youtube/ Tiger Mobiles and Twitter/ OnLeaks

To see how all this would look in a case, check out the image below, courtesy of case manufacturer Nodus.

The company claims it had also received CAD models of the new phone from the supply chain, and has already designed a leather/polycarbonate case to match it.

There's nothing here that we haven't seen before, but it is by far the best view of the iPhone 8 we've gotten so far.


However, keep in mind that even if those CAD designs are accurate, it's still possible that Apple will change some details before the phone goes into production.

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