Japan's latest mascot is a flying drone puppy

PHOTO: Youtube screengrab

What a cute little flying doggo.

The Japanese town of Oji - in Nara, south of Japan - has introduced a flying drone puppy as its official mascot.

Yukimaru, which is powered by a quadcopter, has debuted in a promotional video about the town, in which he buzzes serenely through its attractions such as the Daruma Temple, the Yamato River and Mount Myojin:

In the video, Yukimaru also passes the burial spot of its namesake: the pet dog of 7th century royal Prince Shōtoku:

Photo: Youtube screengrab

Yukimaru also chases after a jogger on the banks of the Yamato River.

In case you weren't convinced Yukimaru is real, Oji posted a video featuring a close-up of its adorable drone:

Steven Universe fans may also see Yukimaru's passing resemblance to Dogcopter, a fictional flying dog in the cartoon series. Yukimaru doesn't poop flying missiles though.

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Yukimaru is also making appearances as a costumed mascot around town now. This is from his official Facebook page.

(U´ω`)/毎週土曜日はLoveLove雪丸らんど~♪♪   ...

Posted by 雪丸おさんぽタイムfrom王寺町 on Friday, 17 February 2017

Just look at how happy he is.

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