LCD panel prices down 10% since start of year

TOKYO - Sluggish sales of consumer electronics are pushing down the price of LCD panels used in them, making it difficult for panel makers to turn a profit in some product segments.

The price of a 32-inch open cell LCD panel - semifinished products lacking backlights and other components - used in TVs fell to around US$84 (S$115) in June, down 12 per cent from the start of the year. Prices have fallen for four straight months due to swelling supplies from China.

The strong dollar has pushed up TV prices in emerging markets, causing sales to slump and prompting TV manufacturers to lower output and reduce panel purchases.

The price of a 55-inch panel for ultrahigh-definition 4K TVs has declined 8 per cent so far this year.

Similarly, the prices of panels used in personal computers are also falling. Benchmark 15.6-inch models for notebook PCs were selling in June for around US$34.20 each, US$1.30 cheaper than a month earlier.

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