Legendary Pokemon now available on Pokemon Go

Announced at the Pokemon Go Fest in Grant Park Chicago, Illinois, Legendary Pokemon Lugia are now out in the wild and ready for Pokemon Go trainers to catch, while Articuno will be available in Raid Battles.

As a bonus for being at Pokemon Go Fest, each of the attendees was given a free legendary Lugia in his or her account.

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, also announced additional goodies beyond Pokemon Go Fest. Starting July 24, trainers will get double experience points, candy and stardust.

There will be increased Pokemon encounters, as well as reduced hatching and buddy distance.

While these are big announcements for fans of Pokemon Go, the event in Chicago did not go as smoothly as people hoped.

PHOTO: Twitter/@PokemonGoApp

Kotaku reported that many attendees had trouble getting into Pokemon Go Fest.

A previous report stated that Niantic CEO John Hanke was booed by the crowd when he went up on stage to explain why many players were unable to connect to game servers during the event.

The issues were eventually sorted out which included Niantic increasing the wireless range of Pokemon Go Fest to a two-mile radius around the festival grounds.