LG washing machine lineup for 2015

LG Electronics has introduced nine new washing machine and dryer models to its 2015 collection packed with a slew of features.

The South Korean electronics company has five different models of top load washing machines, each with progressively bigger capacities (WFT1071DD/ WFT1271DD/ WFT1471DD/ WFT1571DD / WFT1771DD: 10/12/14/15/17kg respectively).

Users can choose to wash their clothes with either cold or warm water according to the wash programme selected. According to LG, 60°C warm water will dissolve detergent more effectively and result in a 95 per cent increase in the removal of allergens. The higher temperatures are the optimal temperature for the removal of stubborn stains, dust mites, pollen and pet fur.

Modern homemakers looking to save time without compromising on hygiene can opt for the WD-1410TS model, which is a front load washing machine that reduces energy consumption and cleans clothes at a faster speed. It does this by spraying water directly onto the load for a period of 120 seconds, enabling it to bypass the lengthy rinsing stage. LG claims that this feature, called TurboWash, consumes 15 per cent less energy and 40 per cent less water.

The WD-1410TS also comes with a steam softener feature that employs steam instead of water to remove wrinkles and odours from delicate clothes. Steam is injected into the washer's drum for 20 minutes, resulting in softer laundry without the use of harsh chemicals. LG even touts this feature as an effective alternative to conventional fabric softeners.