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Man who wished coronavirus on SingPost employees on Facebook apologises

Man who wished coronavirus on SingPost employees on Facebook apologises
PHOTO: Business Times / Kelvin Chng

Well, well, well, how the turn tables. The man who went ballistic and cursed Singapore Post staff to get infected with coronavirus — over failed package deliveries — has apologised for his outburst on social media. 

The man had gone on Facebook on Jan 30 to express his anguish about the company’s services after he didn’t receive an expected package on three occasions. Unhappiness would be an understatement though, considering that he wanted the postal service’s staff to (1) get infected by the coronavirus, (2) die in a traffic accident, and (3) go to hell. 

He was promptly shut down by a classy response by SingPost’s own Group Chief Brand & Communications Officer Robin Goh. The spokesman delivered a lengthy retort that went viral for its utter sass on top of a clarification that the fault laid with the customer himself. It was a masterclass in the art of the clapback. 

Both comments — the instigator’s and Robin’s — were eventually taken down, but not before Facebook user Winston Tay shared screenshots of the interaction online. After hundreds of reposts, the customer issued a statement of his own, doing a complete 180 of his initial remark.

In Winston’s viral Facebook post, the man shared a statement of regret that noted how deeply sorry he was about his “raucous remarks”. 

“With great and heartfelt regret, over what I have posted during this critical trying moment where the world needs love and courage to fight against Conoravirus (sic)” he wrote, adding how he feels “truly remorseful”. 

An interesting portion of his statement urged Robin to “stop asking his friends on his personal (Facebook) account to share the post”. 

In response, Winston commended the man for taking full responsibility for the action. 

“The good news for you is, you can still ‘move on from this saga’. Just don't be naive and think you can forget this ever happened,” Winston advised the man.

“I can forgive, but the Internet never forgets. And neither should you.” 

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