NAD Hybrid Digital Amplifier

NAD Hybrid Digital Amplifier

When analogue integrated amplifiers were still around, they were considered to be relatively compact machines. Now that digital amplifiers are the norm, they have become even smaller in size. NAD's (New Audio Dimension Electronics) D3020 hybrid digital amplifier is an example. It measures 58m (width), 219mm (depth),186mm (height) and weighs 1.38 kg.

The D3020 is the digital offspring of the NAD 3020, which came out 35 years ago. Needless to say, much of the features have changed since. The D3020 has a built-in DAC (digital audio converter) with a USB, coaxial and two optical inputs. There are also 2 analogue inputs: 1 pair of RCA jacks and a 3.5mm jack. No phone function though as it belongs to the past.

Because of its small size, the D3020 can be placed almost anywhere. It pumps out 30W per channel which is good enough for most small bookshelf type speakers. The sound is tight and solid and has good detail. For those who seek more bass, a subwoofer can be added via a equaliser/subwoofer output on the D3020.

The D3020 functions well as a headphone amplifier and the DAC makes it possible to "upgrade" the sound quality from sources like the PC/laptop or an MP3 player. It also comes with a Bluetooth function to connect to wireless speakers or headsets. Sound quality of the wireless hookups are also good and there is little discernible loss in sound quality.

Price: $699.

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