National Day Parade 2015 sets new Twitter record for Singapore

According to Twitter, Singaporeans across the Twittersphere set a new record for a one-day event in Singapore, with over 230,000 tweets about #NDP2015 and all things related to the National Day Parade on August 9, 2015. (The previous record was 100,000 for the One Direction concert on March 11, 2015.)

It seems tweets started building up from midnight of the 9th of August at about 240 tweets per minute till about 12:30am before falling for the night. The next day saw tweets rising steadily though, with a peak of 560 tweets per minute being sent out around 8:23pm, coinciding with the massive fireworks displays that marked the culmination of the parade.

Here's Twitter's reverb chart, and a sampling of some of the most shared tweets:



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