New Samsung phone to scan user's eye for security?

PHOTO: Reuters

Samsung's next flagship smartphone, presumably the Galaxy Note 7, may be getting an eye-catching upgrade - the ability to scan users' irises for identification, according to reports on Wednesday.

Some renderings of the smartphone have been leaked online, apparently showing that the Note 7 is fitted with two cameras - one for taking selfies and the other for iris scanning.

Korean camera module-maker Patron is said to be supplying its iris camera modules to Samsung Electronics.

The firm reportedly won a bid months ago to supply the entire volume of biometric modules needed for the upcoming smartphone, which is expected to be unveiled on Aug 2 in New York City.

Compared to fingerprint scanning technology, which works by recognising 40 traits on a fingerprint, the iris scanner recognises 266 traits of the person's eye, offering greater accuracy and security.

Samsung has long mulled over deploying iris scanning technology in its smartphones, including the Galaxy S4, which was released in 2013.

An industry expert said back then that the company had ditched plans to adopt iris-scanning technology at the last minute, as the feature was still immature and not as user-friendly as a fingerprint scanner.

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