New virtual telco to offer users free unlimited mobile data for WhatsApp

SINGAPORE - Singapore's latest mobile virtual network operator is offering users more freedom to decide what they want to pay for, compared to the other telecom operators' current offerings.

Circles.Life, the newest mobile operator in town, is offering a no-contract SIM-only plan for $28 per month, with plenty of bonuses currently.

At that price, users get 3GB of mobile data, 100 minutes of talktime, and bonus data that range from 0.5GB to 4GB when they use the firm's app or perform actions like referring friends to sign up.

Users also get free caller number display, free roaming, and unlimited data on Whatsapp.

Users can add to their service more data, talktime and even SMSes on-the-go at $6 for 1GB of data, $4 for 100 minutes of talktime, and $4 for 100 SMSes. They can also opt to "boost" their mobile data when they don't need the whole 1GB by paying for 100MB, 250MB or 500MB at $1, $2 and $3.50 respectively.

The good thing about Circles.Life is that users can do all the above through the firm's app, and don't have to deal with customer service officers or be put on hold.

The price point and service aren't radically different from the SIM-only plans from the three main telcos, but, for many data-heavy users, the improved flexibility is a welcomed change.

Circles.Life starts today and is offering new sign-ups bonuses like a low $4 registration fee, free SIM card, free delivery, and free number porting or 80 per cent off "lucky numbers". You can check them out at www.Circles.Life if interested.