Nokia Lumia 930 Windows smartphone

With the impending announcement of the iPhone6 and a flurry of Android phone launches, few would have noticed that Nokia is no more and Microsoft (which bought over Nokia) has assumed the mobile maker's brandname. The Lumia series lives on though and its latest incarnation, the Lumia 930, is testimony to the existence of a viable third choice in a mobile world dominated by Apple iOS and Android phones.

The Lumia 930 is one solid smartphone. Powered by a Snapdragon 800 quadcore CPU, it has a 5-inch full HD OLED display, 20MP camera with Zeiss optics, wireless charging and a durable 2,420 mAh battery to boot. Integrated software includes Microsoft Office, OneDrive (the Microsoft Cloud Drive) and best of all, the HERE maps (which are free) and Drive+. The last bit turns the Lumia 930 into a most effective GPS driving tool, without the need for a data connection.

So if one is not addicted to iOS or Android, there is yet another great choice for smart phones - Windows Phones and the Lumia 930 which represent the best from Microsoft and Nokia.

How much: $789 (without contract)