'One Punch Man' to get smartphone game app, season 2

"One Punch Man" was one of the most well received TV shows from last year and immediately garnered a strong following from anime fans to add to the already numerous followers of the original manga.


Because of this, the series will be getting its own game app and more.

During the One Punch Man Fall Festival, it was announced that the show would be getting a second season in October while the app would be out by next year, reports iTech Post.

The announcement for the new season was also made known via the series' official Twitter, reports Anime News Network.

"One Punch Man" premiered in October last year and aired until December. Its dubbed version was aired in Adult Swim's Toonami starting July 16.

While followers of the anime alone can only guess at what's in store for Saitama this second season, a rumour among longtime fans of the source material have pointed at a character named Garou to be a possible arch-nemesis to the mighty Saitama.

Apparently Garou is the only one able to stand up to Saitama's one-punch kill.

These are still all rumours so far, so fans will have to wait for the official announcements to get confirmation on season two's direction.