People's Association launches new mobile app aimed at youths

SINGAPORE - To commemorate Singapore's Golden Jubilee year, a new mobile application has been launched as part of the Youth Aspirations for Singapore Campaign by the People's Association Youth Movement.

The app, C'YAA, is part of a nation-wide movement to encourage youths to express and share their hopes and dreams, while coming forward to mould Singapore's future together.

Led by youth leaders from the Youth Aspirations for Singapore Committee (YAC), the campaign calls on youths to make use of C'YAA in two specific areas.

Youths may use the app to vote for 10 values and visions that they can identify with while building towards a better Singapore. They may choose from a list of 20 values and visions that have already been shortlisted by YAC members.

Also via C'YAA, youths can also list their hopes and dreams for Singapore which will then be shared publicly.

Besides the two main functions of the app, C'YAA also has games, photography and video-sharing elements which will allow youths to post photos and videos that can later be shared with their family and friends.

C'YAA is also aimed at bringing Chingay closer to Singaporeans.

Chairman of YAC Mr Eric Chua said: "I am excited to be part of the Youth Aspirations for Singapore Campaign and to encourage my fellow youths to actively come forward and think about the future they envision for Singapore."

The app is available for download from both iTunes App Store and Google Play.