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ArmaGallant - Decks Of Destiny

ArmaGallant - Decks Of Destiny

Developer: Rock Nano Global

Genre: Strategy

Availability: Later this year

Price: To be announced (PS4 exclusive via PlayStation Network at launch)

This home-grown studio's debut game looks set to launch with a bang. Complete with glorious graphics, imaginative gameplay and an epic soundtrack, this game puts you in control of an army of fantasy creatures and a repertoire of spells.

Each creature or spell is represented by a card you can play to bring the creature or spell to life on the battlefield.

In this combination of deck-building Magic The Gathering game and the real-time strategy classic Shattered Galaxy, the aim is to be the player with the greatest amount of health at the end of the 15-minute battle round.

This head-to-head multiplayer game lets you battle against an opponent online, or team up with a friend in two-versus-two matches.

There are about 100 cards to be unlocked, from which you must form a deck of 30. As in Magic, you need mana to play any card and different cards have different casting costs.

You may want to create a deck of fast but fragile creatures to rush the opponent, or focus on defence until you can summon powerful creatures, or play with a combination of both. Spells can damage or heal creatures, or boost the rate at which your mana regenerates, which is a long-term investment for the right strategist.

As you win matches, you earn gold that you can then use to buy more cards. To hurt the enemy's health, you can either place troops in "capture zones" to reduce your foe's health continuously over time, or destroy special crystals to deal one-off massive damage to him. Destroying your opponent's creatures also damages him.

Every creature unit can be either a melee, mount, ranged or magic character. It is important to have a balanced army. Melee creatures have an edge over mount; mount over range; and ranged over melee; just as in the scissors-paper-stone game.

Creatures and spells belong to one of five elements - fire, water, earth, light and dark. Creatures and spells of the same element often work better together to create powerful combos, but sticking to a single element gives your opponent a better chance of guessing your style of play.

ArmaGallant lacks a single-player campaign, but if it can pull off its grand ambitions as a deep card strategy game, it could well be a force to be reckoned with.

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