PowerShot SX60 HS: A super-zoom compact for the traveller


SINGAPORE - Every traveller must have had - at one point or another - wanted to capture an expansive landscape, create an intimate portrait, get closer to the finer details in a scene, and see distant objects more clearly.

Thus, I've always believed that travel photography is "multi-disciplinary". It requires the photographer to draw on knowledge from different branches of photography - like landscape, architectural, portraiture, macro and street - to document his experiences fully.

Effective use of correct focal lengths helps a photographer achieve his vision. Although they are not rigid rules, most photographers convey the sense of space in landscape photos with wide-angled shots and get intimate with their subjects in portraits with telephoto lenses. And when the occasion calls for it, they use macro lenses to get up close to tiny subjects, and long lenses to bring distant objects closer.

For professional photographers and serious enthusiasts, this means that their camera bags are usually stuffed with a myriad selection of lenses to cover all these possibilities.

However, not everyone is inclined to carry all that heavy - and expensive - equipment, especially if they are on vacation or travelling with family.

In such situations, a compact camera with a zoom lens that covers a range of focal lengths is extremely useful for capturing the perfect shot in every situation.

Canon's PowerShot series of compact cameras are made with the traveller in mind, especially those who want to - or need to - travel light.

The latest SX60 HS has a 65x zoom lens - starting at 21mm at its widest and going all the way to 1365mm. With a zoom that powerful, you won't miss a thing. Canon says that the camera has the world's leading zoom capability in its class at the moment (As of Aug 17, 2014, for compact digital cameras, according to a Canon survey).

With 0cm Macro, you can get really close to your subjects.

A notable feature is the camera's Advanced Zoom Framing Assist, which lets a user zoom out to the widest angle with the touch of a button on the lens barrel to look for a subject that has moved out of the frame. Once the subject is reacquired, the camera will revert to the previous zoom level to continue shooting.

For all those moments that lend themselves better to video - such as when you want to capture the roar of a massive waterfall - the camera records videos at 1080p full HD.

The SX60 HS has WiFi capability built-in, so it's easy to share photos and videos directly from the camera on Facebook or other social media platforms. Users can also upload pictures and videos to the Canon Image Gateway, to back up and share the photos with family and friends.

With Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, users can transfer photos and videos to their smartphones without wires, and even control the camera remotely.

The 16.1 megapixel PowerShot SX60 HS is the latest in Canon's stable of PowerShot cameras with high optical zoom. The PowerShot range, which comprises over 15 cameras for different needs and budgets, ensures that you will find a travel camera that's just right for you.