Press event announced for The Last Of Us Part II on Sep 24

PHOTO: Facebook / The Last Of Us

More information on The Last Of Us Part II is expected to be revealed on September 24.

A press event for the hotly-anticipated Playstation exclusive is set to take place in Los Angeles and fans are hoping for a release date.

Hot off the reveal that he’ll have a role in Death Stranding, veteran gaming journalist Geoff Keighley dropped a poster about the media event on Twitter. The hype went into overdrive after the announcement, and naturally, loads of Joel Banderas reaction gifs were used.

Not much else is known, but it’s expected that we’ll be hearing a lot more about the sequel’s plot and gameplay changes on top of the release date. 

Back in June, developers Naughty Dog finished work on their "most ambitious cinematic shoot" to date. In the same month, a gameplay reveal trailer was dropped in all its stunningly beautiful gory glory. 

Studio vice president and TLOUII director Neil Druckmann revealed actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson had completed the emotional project as he gave fans an update on the long-awaited title.

Druckmann remained tight-lipped about when exactly gamers can expect to be able to play the title on the PlayStation 4, and teased fans asking for a date.

Reflecting after Naughty Dog acknowledged the sixth anniversary of the first game in the series, he tweeted: "Man... time flies. Absolutely cannot wait for y'all to experience the next chapter.”

"FYI... every time someone asks for the release date, the game gets pushed back by five minutes."

Additional reporting by AsiaOne