Rambo, Stranger Things and Danny Trejo are coming to Far Cry 6 after launch

PHOTO: Ubisoft

Yes, that Danny Trejo.

Ubisoft has revealed Far Cry 6’s post-launch content roadmap, and it’s packed to the brim with crossovers and expansions. The first-person shooter will receive three special crossover missions that feature Rambo, Stranger Things and Danny Trejo. Three villains from the Far Cry franchise will also return in new roguelite missions.

Watch the overview trailer below:

The crossovers will take place over three special missions. First up is Danny Trejo, who teams up with the player to sell tacos to the people of Yara - with all guns blazing, of course.

Another mission will pair players up with a Rambo superfan in a throwback to 80s action movies. The Stranger Things mission sees Chorizo (the player’s adorable puppy companion) disappear in the Upside Down, and it’s up to you to find him.

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Six special operations are also coming as free content, tasking players with stealing chemical weapons from heavily-guarded facilities - without setting them off.

The paid Season Pass will also let you play through three episodes as villains from past Far Cry games: Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. These ‘episodes’ play like a roguelite, where you start out with barely any equipment and slowly become stronger through subsequent runs.

The Season Pass also comes with a copy of Far Cry 3’s beloved DLC expansion Blood Dragon. Far Cry 6 launches on Oct 7, 2021.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.