Relive the nostalgia of your primary school days with Rubber Wrestling

PHOTO: Limited Games

As a 90s kid wading through his mid-20s this year, I feel like I have earned the right to use the "When I was your age..." line on my younger cousins in primary school. Which is exactly why I'll make full use of this opportunity to be as salty as I want.

"When I was your age, we didn't have ultra-fancy smartphones, expensive AirPods or many of the luxuries you guys enjoy nowadays! And don't even get me started on Mobile Legends or Fortnite."

Yup, the salt is definitely there, but there's a certain wistfulness in that statement too. My primary school days weren't spent calling teammates out for feeding 0-7 or posting updates on social media - they were spent playing (physical) card games, asking for Bluetooth transfers of the latest songs and watching the odd country eraser tournament in class.

Thinking about the latter is particularly poignant, and I know it's even more so for those who were really into the craze. Frankly, country eraser matches weren't so much a pastime as it was a fact of life - everyone had one and knew how things worked. 

It was a decidedly "brutal" sport too, since the losers would often have to forfeit their eraser to the winner, which meant they had to go grab a new one from the school bookshop. Anyway, now you can relive all of that with Rubber Wrestling , a free Android-only mobile title made by Limited Games.

PHOTO: Limited Games

As you can see from the image above, it is what it says on the box. Just use your finger to charge and flip your country eraser over your opponent's to win - holding it down increases the power of the flip, but like the real thing, do take care not to send it flying off the table.

Furthermore, there aren't actually any preset win conditions here, so feel free to make up and play by your own house rules.

It's an amusingly simple formula, and while I've never really gone neck-deep into this aspect of primary school culture, I do acknowledge the significance of the humble country eraser in that context.

At the very least, it's significant enough that people are actually organising a four-round live tournament for Rubber Wrestling titled Erasure: The World Tournament.

Created as part of the National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Art Museum's "Proposal for Novel Ways of Being" exhibit, the tournament is set to take place at The Substation Theatre on Jan 8 from 7.30 pm - 9 pm . Tickets cost $8 per pax, and can be purchased via this link .

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.