Samsung fixes Galaxy Note 5 S Pen problem

PHOTO: Samsung

Remember last year when it was discovered that inserting the S Pen stylus backwards on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet could cause irreparable damage to your phablet?

The company appears to have gone a step further than it did previously to address the issue.

Newer Note 5 devices have been spotted with an apparently updated stylus slot design that allows an S Pen inserted the wrong way to be ejected without breaking the stylus' detection mechanism.

In the past, Samsung's response to the issue was for "users to follow the instructions in the user guide".

Tech news site Phandroid noted that a newly designed circuit board on the Note 5 has a grey-white tab that seems to allow a user to safely eject the S Pen when it is inserted backwards.

Phandroid said it "works beautifully despite the fact that it's seemingly attached with a piece of adhesive tape".

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way of telling if you are getting the updated Note 5 model without taking it apart.


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