In search of most comfortable pair of headphones

I'm no expert when it comes to headphone reviews, but my recent purchase of a particular pair of headphones has urged me to write about it. Reviews for Bose headphones are often a mixed bag; audiophiles hate them, while the average consumers often overlook them for a much hotter brand that also starts with the letter B.

But those who have owned a pair of Bose headphones actually gave their purchase a lot of praise. So I thought I'd give them a try.

The latest offering from the Boston-based audio company is the Bose Soundtrue line of headphones, a refresh of its over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones that have been around since the dawn of smartphones.

I was actually looking for a new pair of headphones that I could permanently keep on my office desk, and so I opted for the Bose Soundtrue over-ear cans.

While there are other headphones on offer, I wanted something functional but less flashy.

What surprised me the most when I first tried them on was how extremely lightweight and comfortable they were.

A lot of high quality over-the-ear headphones do offer good amount of comfort to the wearer, but the Bose Soundtrue headphones are probably the lightest and most comfortable over-ear headphones I've ever tried.

At just 141 grammes, it hardly feels like you're wearing anything on your head. You can even fall asleep in bed with your head on your pillow with these still on.

The padding on the ear cups are really soft that you can absolutely wear them all they long without getting heat build up or feeling fatigue on your ears or your head.

They're also comfortable if you wear glasses, a common problem with most over-ear headphones.

The Bose Soundtrue headphones may look too subtle and lacking the style found in most fashionable headphones in the market, but the minimalist design is still great looking.

I personally like the minimalist design, because I'm not really into wearing flashy style headphones in the street.

Bose did release different colours of the Soundtrue refresh to suit the users style. Aside from the normal black and white option, there's a really pretty bright mint version.

As for the build quality, despite looking very fragile as they are lightweight, the Bose Soundtrue headphones can really withstand bends and twists. The ear cups on the headphones conveniently fold flat and the headband is easily collapsible.

But as like any other headphones, proper care is still essential to prevent them from breaking.

Thankfully, Bose included a nice carrying pouch for you to stow your headphones securely before stashing it into your bag.

A nice addition to the Bose Soundtrue headphones is the generously long and detachable 66-inch cable with integrated microphone and controls so you can answer calls or control your music conveniently with the headphones.

As for audio quality, I'm actually satisfied with the sound I hear out of my favourite jams with these headphones. The high end is crisp and very clear, there's clarity and depth in the midrange and the low end is deep and well defined.

Listening to rock music, my favourite genre, I was able to clearly hear the vocalists hitting the high notes and the guitar riffs. I also enjoy listening to soft and slow music on these headphones as the ear cups gave me a good amount of isolation.

The Bose Soundtrue headphones are also great for listening to movies. They don't leak out so much noise, which makes them great for private listening.

This is certainly not for those yearning for a lot of bass in their music. If overemphasising bass is what you're after, than you'd probably be better off with Dr Dre's Beats.

Also for those who need headphones for studio monitoring, this is one to avoid. Bose headphones are not audiophile favourites.

But for the rest of us who just want to enjoy music and videos from our portable media devices or computers, the Bose SoundTrue headphones are well worth the money.

While US$179 (S$222) a pop may seem a bit overpriced for some, you can't get the same level of comfort from any other headphones than on Bose. Though this is pretty subjective, many folks who have reviewed Bose's headphones over the years have praised the level of comfort they got out of them.

There are of course other great headphones that might be a better fit for you, so be sure to try all kinds of headphones before you decide to buy them.