The Sims 4: Get To Work

When The Sims 4 was first launched, I thought it came across a little bland with its lack of gameplay features. However, now, with its first expansion pack, the latest iteration of Electronic Arts' virtual doll-house game has become a lot more exciting.

As its name suggests, The Sims 4: Get To Work lets you take control of your virtual people's careers. This is quite a treat, as most other versions of the game give you minimal control over what your Sims do at work. Instead of just seeing your Sims whisked off to work and back in a car, you can control your virtual person's every action at the office.

The game introduces three new career options - Doctor, Detective and Scientist. Once your Sim signs up for any of these career tracks, your virtual person's new workplace is open for exploration.

It may be a game, but working in The Sims 4 universe can still be stressful and tiring - for the Sim, that is. Players will have to guide their virtual person to complete work tasks, as well as manage relationships with bosses and colleagues.

I was originally put off by the idea of having to babysit my Sim for an entire virtual work day, but the three new career tracks proved engaging and not the least tiresome.

In the Doctor career track, Sims diagnose patients, deliver babies and even perform emergency surgery. Detectives have to hunt for clues, track down suspects and arrest criminals. Those on the Scientist career track will find themselves inventing crazy machines and even visiting an alien planet.

Long-time fans of the series who loved the playable alien race in The Sims 2 and 3 will be delighted to know that the virtual extraterrestrials have made a comeback. In Get To Work, the green-skinned aliens now have a new ability to change their appearance, so that friendly shopkeeper Sim might just be an alien in disguise.

Gamers who want to play that alien shopkeeper can now do just that. The expansion includes a new fourth career option - the ability to let your Sims start a retail business.

This is not exactly a career track with promotion prospects, unlike the other three. Instead, it is a new gameplay feature which lets players easily create shops, so their Sims can make a living while not being corporate slaves.

Like in a real business, players have to decide on everything from price mark-ups to employee uniforms. This business-simulator part of the game might be a little tricky for younger players.

With so much to do in this expansion pack,

Get To Work has added lots of colour to the rather drab Sims 4 base game. For Sims fans who were disappointed with the initial release, get this expansion pack and give the game another chance.

This article was first published on June 3, 2015.
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