Sony introduces a lamp that also plays music

Ever looked at a bunsen burner and wished it could spit out flaming hot tunes? Sony's latest Glass Sound Speaker might fit the bill while being less of a fire hazard.

The LSPX-S2 uses three actuators that vibrate its organic glass tube, turning the entire surface into a speaker. Imagine a more accurate version of someone tapping out a melody on a wine flute.

"Unlike the highly-directional sound of conventional tweeters, thanks to its cylindrical shape, the glass tube delivers precise sound quality from every angle," said Sony, on the product page. The device also features a 35mm speaker for added midrange and a passive radiator to amplify low-end notes.

Leaning into the fact sound is amplified by the glass tube, Sony punnily assures that it produces "crystal clear sound".

The device also has a light inside its glass casing, with 32 levels of brightness available – from romantic candle light to a bedside reading light.

In its footnotes, Sony warns that the the product is not suitable for household room illumination and explains that the 'organic glass' is actually acrylic resin, which though similarly transparent is not the typical silica based inorganic glass.

The device can easily be moved around the house or brought for camping, weighing a mere 1.1kg. Its battery is rated to last eight hours and is chargeable using a 5V mini USB connector.

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While it has a 3.5mm jack to connect to an audio source, the device also supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to pair with various devices, plus NFC One-Touch compatibility for faster pairing.

It also has a dedicated button to stream songs via Spotify Connect, a feature that is accessible to Spotify Premium users.

The LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is priced at RM2,599 (S$849) and is available in Sony Stores in KLCC and The Curve in Klang Valley, plus selected authorised dealers in Malaysia.