Spotify no longer has any music of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has never taken too kindly to music streaming services. Her last album 'Red' was only available on music streaming services, much later after its release in an effort to spur sales. So it should be no surprise that her latest album, 1989, is not available on music streaming services too. However, in an unexpected move, Taylor Swift has also pulled all of her previous albums off Spotify.

Although her older music remains to be available on other music streaming services such as Rdio and Beats Music, Spotify is arguably the leader in music streaming services and boasts a user base of around 40 million users and 10 million subscribers.

As of now, 1989 looks set to be the best selling album in its first week by a female solo artist in US history. Her album is expected to sell more than 1.3 million copies today, breaking the record set by Britney Spears in her debut back in 2006.

In light of this, the move is seen as an opportunistic one, hoping to cash in the hype surrounding 1989 to fuel sales of Swift's older albums. And judging by the popularity of 1989, this move looks like one that could pay off. After all, since the advent of high-speed Internet, which has made downloading music so easy, sales of albums have dwindled and no album this year has even crossed the 1 million mark.

There's no word on how long Swift would keep her music off Spotify, but we expect this to be the case as long as demand for her music remain strong.

Source: The Guardian

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