Subaru swears it had nothing to do with viral F**KS name exhibited at Singapore Motorshow

Subaru swears it had nothing to do with viral F**KS name exhibited at Singapore Motorshow
PHOTO: Twitter / @labergee

Depending on whether you’re into cars, the annual Singapore Motorshow is either a turbocharged paradise or a glossy snooze fest. 

But amidst the electric vehicles, souped-up sedans and all-terrain workhorses, there was one particular automobile showcased this year that garnered overwhelming interest from car nuts and otherwise. 

It was none other than Subaru’s Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition. Sporting a stunning electric-blue hue with streaks of vermilion, the all-wheel-drive hatchback has plenty of cargo room with… oh, wait. Forget the car features, folks were more into making an acronym out of the name. 


If you haven’t figured out by now, it is the Subaru F***S edition. 

It didn’t take long for the image of the car and its label to blow up across social media, especially so on Twitter. Jokes and puns were made, while multiple motor publications across the world quickly wrote on it. 

Since the whole thing went viral online, Subaru booth staffers at the exhibition removed the (accidentally) kinky tag, to the chagrin of pretty much everyone. It was fun while it lasted though. 


While people behind Singapore Motorshow and Subaru’s local distributors have pretty much remained quiet about the arousing occasion, it was Subaru of America that issued a statement about it. In an anonymous tip to The Drive, Subaru of America sent a letter of apology to dealerships over the weekend, pinning the blame for the “unfortunate situation” on an “independent distributor in Singapore”. 

“We want to make sure that you and all of your customers know that Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) and Subaru Corporation (SBR) had nothing to do with this,” the letter stated. 


“SBR has had the name removed from the car at the Singapore Auto Show. We work very hard to build a strong brand image for this company and the naming of this vehicle in no way reflects the values and standards we hold true.” 

Ah, bummer. Even sadder is how the vehicle — now a car that has effectively built up a big enough buzz and interest overseas — won’t be sold in the United States market. The Subaru F***S edition was created by the independent distributor for the Singapore Motorshow, and won’t be available in America, the note remarked.

No word though if they're planning to reverse the controversy with a Subaru C.E.L.I.B.A.C.Y edition.

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