Taiwanese YouTuber posts 24-hour Ikea challenge video, charged with indecent conduct

Lee showed viewers how he sneaked into an Ikea store just to do a viral video challenge.
PHOTO: Screengrab from Youtube/馬克斯WillDoIt via The Star/Asia News Network

A Taiwanese YouTuber is facing some legal troubles after he posted a video of himself spending a night in Ikea during closing hours.

The YouTuber who goes under the handle 馬克斯WillDoIt on YouTube is identified as Max Lee has posted a video titled "24Hour Challenge - Overnight inside IKEA" on Oct 31. In the video, Lee showed viewers how he remained at a secluded spot for hours to hide from security at an Ikea outlet in Xinzhuang District in Taiwan.

Once the store's operating hours ended, Lee emerged from his hiding spot and recorded himself performing all sort of stunts, including pretending to shower nude at bathroom displays and defecating on a toilet bowl.

According to website Taipei Times, Lee was spotted by store employees as he was about to leave the outlet in the morning. He claimed to be an early customer at the outlet before the employees pointed out that the store had yet to open for business.

While leaving the store, Lee told viewers that he had "successfully completed the mission" by staying overnight in Ikea. The same report stated that Lee was called in for questioning by the police after a store manager filed a report. He was charged with indecent conduct and unlawful entry.

Lee allegedly apologised for his conduct. The Ikea challenge video that he uploaded has been removed from both his YouTube and Facebook page.

The Straits Times stated that Lee, 25, is the son of veteran Taiwanese actor Lee Hsing-wen. On his YouTube channel, Lee has over 3,800 subscribers with 280,000 views garnered for the content he has posted so far.

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