'Take my kidney!' and other funny reactions to the new iPhones

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Apple has unveiled three new models - the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

The new devices are pricey, with iPhone XR starting from U$749 (S$1,028) while the iPhone XS comes in at U$999 (S$1,371) for the 64GB model and the supersized iPhone XS Max 64GB model starts from U$1,099 (S$1,508).

Many users are already lamenting on Twitter about the high price, offering creative new ways to get the funds.

First look at Apple iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max

  • The new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr all feature full-screen design without the home button that has been a feature since the first iPhone launched 11 years ago.
  • Instead, all the new iPhones will use only face recognition technology, or Face ID, for user authentication.
  • It is a bold move by Apple, considering many iPhone users are still very used to the touch button, or Touch ID’s fingerprint authentication.
  • The new iPhone Xs is the direct successor to last year’s iPhone X, sporting the same 5.8-inch Oled screen but with updated and faster A12 Bionic processor,
  • better water resistance, all-new image sensor of rear dual-camera system, improved TrueDepth camera system for advanced Face ID among the improvements.
  • Catering to users who want bigger screens, Apple also launched the iPhone Xs Max with the similar specifications as the iPhone Xs, but with a bigger 6.5-inch Oled screen.
  • Both iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be available in silver, black and a new colour option - gold.
  • However, Apple has not forgotten the budget market with the iPhone Xr.
  • It features the same design and processor as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, but comes with a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD screen that has less contrast and dynamic range as well as less power efficient compared to Oled screens.
  • The cheaper iPhone Xr only has a single rear camera, unlike the rear dual-camera system of iPhone XS and XS Max.
  • However, it comes in more colours including red, blue, yellow, black and white.
  • Apple also introduced a fourth generation of the Apple Watch with a major redesign -- and a series of features designed to improve its performance as a medical and health device.
  • The smartwatches are able to detect hard falls, and an electrical heart rate sensor can take an electrocardiogram.
  • Apple stressed its devotion to data privacy, saying all health information gathered is encrypted on the smartwatch to be shared only as users see fit.
  • The new Apple Watch Series 4

All you have to do is search #AppleEvent on Twitter with words like "bank account" to find some of the results. Of course, feel free to join in on the fun.

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And then, there are those wondering if Apple will come up with better announcements.

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Then there are those with sensible advice.

https://twitter.com/tjmanotoc/status/1039947637787488256 https://twitter.com/sako_global/status/1040089692367187969

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