Tornado hits Bandung, damaging houses

PHOTO: The Jakarta Post/ Asia News Network

A puting beliung (weak tornado) reportedly hit residential areas in Rancaekek subdistrict, Bandung, West Java on Friday afternoon.

Facebook account Info Rancaekek, run by a local community, posted several amateur videos recorded by residents who witnessed the tornado destroying dozens of buildings.

"A tornado has hit Rancakendal village. For those who live around Rancaekek, please be careful because now we are facing bad weather," the account said on Friday afternoon.

In one video, the man behind the camera recorded the disaster while saying "Allahu akbar" (God is great) with several people behind him taking cover in front of a concrete building. His hand was trembling while he tried to take the 27-second-long video.

In front of them the roofs of houses were being blown off by the tornado.

At about 6 p.m., Info Rancaekek posted another video taken after the tornado showing the extent of the damage, with dozens of houses in Rancaekek Permai 2 housing complex having lost their roof tiles.